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Published Oct 27, 21
8 min read

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Wow. It's normally determined in six months to a year. That's the measurement we're discussing, how long this things takes. And in this industry, a lot can alter, if you open up a year later on. Potentially, it could take you a lot longer to recover your financial investment. Well, and if you have a state license that has a time clock on it, you need to be functional within 12 months or whatever it is.

Whereas, New york city is most likely 12 months away. Right. So, the time is cash point that you've consistently made, is absolutely an issue of, you do not desire to wait. Definitely. And your other option is dreadful. You have actually got to go back to your financiers and state, "Look, we've got to minimize our canopy by 40% to fit into our offered electric." And that does not jive with the proformer that they're representing.

Yeah. I think there's some rules of thumb, but from what I discovered, the energy truly wants a quite detailed, what they call, fill letter, which is, "This is just how much power we need, precisely." And to get to that, you typically need to have a consulting engineer on board and you require to have actually invested some money to get to that point.

But I think there's definitely a specific type of seeking advice from engineer out there that gets involved previously at the same time with owners that will help them take a look at structures, to examine them before they even make a dedication and look at what service is readily available. If they have to do any due diligence with the regional energies, they can help do that, they comprehend that procedure.

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Okay (Peanut Butter Breath Cannabis Packaging). Years ago I worked in Manhattan and we happen to be in a building that was one of the first places that Google took over, was the old Port Authority Bus Terminal or something like that. It was a giant structure and the level of internet that they generated was simply incredible.

However I do understand that I think individuals then wanted to pick that structure since it was truly well established, in terms of that specific piece of infrastructure. So I think you're right, that individuals need to put power higher up on their list - Peanut Butter Breath. So, we have actually discussed a couple things.

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There's the efficiency, there's a cleanliness of power. Are there also tax benefits for a cannabis organization, where this can impact maybe what they can write-off or not write-off? Yeah, sure. So absolutely want to attend to all of that due to the fact that as I discussed, I consider, let's state 50% of our customers in this space, they have not necessarily had an electrical capacity constraint.

So the ROI, you're somewhere, typically, say, two to five-year range for these kinds of items. And we make two distinct types of systems. We make a system that can produce electricity for your structure and provide you free heat that can be utilized to do dehumidification. We likewise make another product that the prime mover, the gas engine is directly linked to a refrigeration compressor.

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So those two kinds of products, in some cases they're used, either or, depending upon the situation. Often they're utilized in combination with one another. However all those products we make, usually are going to fall under that two to five-year ROI range. And that's assuming we didn't solve an electric capability issue.

So that's sort of the rough ROI. And particular states have incentive programs for energy performance, and that can considerably minimize that duration to even lower, which that's a pretty affordable period to begin with. So if you get rewards terrific, if you do not, still makes a lot of sense.

The tidiness element, I think, is becoming more vital to individuals. Cannabis has sort of gotten a bad rap for being energy intense. Right. Which it is naturally, however there's a great deal of other industries that use a lot of energy. Nobody truly speaks about how much energy it requires to make a can of beer, but I make certain it takes rather a bit.

Yeah, exactly. So they have that spotlight on them and they desire to take a look at methods to ease that concern for their consumers and let the clients understand that they're being environmentally conscious. So the reality that we're providing, it's roughly about a 50% carbon decrease versus doing things typically from the grid.

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So it's been primarily indoor, warehouse-type grows, then a number of greenhouse tasks. However typically, it wouldn't be outside since you require to have a controlled environment. Yeah, right, right. So controlled environment Seeds Shoping is what we're targeting and greenhouse grows are in an entirely various classification since they can be found in all sizes and shapes.

Which's obviously, always the case for an indoor grow. So, that's mainly where we focus, however I believe as we see the market, more and more individuals are evaluating greenhouses, we're seeing some hybrid, where some individuals can have an indoor grow, totally indoor. Perhaps they're going to make their perfect flower in there and they're going to have a greenhouse or perhaps they're going to do an item destined for extraction, and after that they may even have an outdoor piece. Peanut Butter Breath Feminized Strain.

Oh, interesting. Right. Right. And the other piece that you had pointed out is, how far are a few of these centers from traditional source of power? So, how do you figure that? Do you have your team Google maps, doing the flyovers to figure out how far people are away and is this an excellent place for us to attempt and offer our item? How does that entered play? Yeah.

I believe if they are off the beaten path, then they're more likely to have an electric capability restriction, which would be advantageous for us, I suppose, because. But once again, if they're too far, then they may have problems with getting access to gas pipeline. Oh, right. Yeah (Peanut Butter Breath Plant).

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So, one would be gas, which certainly can be trucked in. Therefore we have a couple of consumers that are operating on 100% propane. They didn't have affordable access to a gas pipeline. We have some other clients that actually take part in a program called, virtual pipeline, where they really have CNG trailers provide to their center and the trailers park there and have a decompression station.

So that's another service. And all of those services normally, are going to A, have a lower operating expense and the grid electric that you could purchase instead. And there are certainly simpler ways to resolve your electric capacity issue. There's no virtual wires program to get more of an electric capacity there easily.

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So, it's kind of a balance. You desire to be close enough so that you can at least hopefully, get on the natural gas pipeline. Maybe you didn't have all the electricity you would have liked, but there are solutions around that, that in fact have a terrific outcome for you in other locations of service, as far as your cost structure to run and so on. Grow Peanut Butter Breath Regular Strain.

But again, 50% of our clients are seeking us out, due to those electrical capability restraints and those are going to be present in practically every state. So Steve, what about the size of those grows though, because they differ a lot? And the examples I can consider are on one end, you've got a limitless license state, like Oklahoma that has thousands and countless grows, a few of them are simply in barns and whatnot - Peanut Butter Breath Strain Cannabis.

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2 of them are 100,000 square feet and I think four are 50,000 square feet. So not a great deal of canopy across the state. How do you people examine it as a company? Do we go, trying to protect those couple MSOs in Georgia or exists really cash to be made in a location like Oklahoma? Yeah, sure.

So, we're looking for facilities, normally, the beginning point that we're looking at is around 10,000 square feet of canopy and up. Oh, okay. Which really, the majority of centers are going to fall within that. Yeah. Some states have micro-license programs where you might have less than that, but we're really a fit in many facilities due to the fact that truly where you see our systems start to make sense is when you use cooled water for your heating and cooling.